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Huawie is building its own mobile OS

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Huawei CEO reported that the company started to work on its own mobile OS, which will be plan B in case of any Google's Android or Microsoft's Windows Phone platforms someday are no longer available to them,  so it is aiming to lessen its dependence on other companies.


This kind of moves is appearing a lot in the tech world, and it is in result to the tech battles that are going on mostly between Apple and Samsung on patents, and ended the last round in Samsung being ruled to pay Apple one billion dollar, so all the other company now is trying either to get them self a as much patents as they can for their product, or start to think of ways to abandon any product that will link them to another big fish in the tech sea, and we saw that when Apple ditched Google Maps for its own Maps service, even it was not well polished and don’t meet “Apple’s High Standards”.

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