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Apple' new patents

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple had granted two new patents yesterday, one is remote style 3D control mechanism that uses sensors to determine its position in space and a screen use IR, accelerometer and photo detectors to make on-screen objects movable through movements of a control device in three-dimensional space (like Wii feature).

The second patents involves security measures, where the device would be able to identify the its user by factors like heartbeat via embedded sensors, photographs or voice recordings, and also identify suspicions behaviors, which will trigger a system to begin monitoring said user, taking photos, recording audio and snapping screenshots of behavior, as well as logging keystrokes and keeping a record of Internet usage, there for the device can be locked down/wiped when an unauthorized user takes control and sent the gathered info to the authorized user or authorities to help track down the unauthorized user.

What the device that will include these new technology is still a mystery, but it will be interesting what Apple will do with these patents in the future.

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