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Android malware threats

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Android malware were recently identified by FBI and law enforcement support group the National White Collar Crime Center (which is a partnership called IC3), one of them called "Loozfon", which is a malware that is disguise as a "work-at-home" advertisement that promises money for simply sending out email, when the user click Loozfon will be downloaded to there Smartphone and it can steel contacts details and numbers from the device.

The other one is “FinFisher” which is a spyware that allows the hacker to remotely control and monitor the device that it is on, and usually disguised as a link or a text about a system update.

Several measures can be used to lower the risk of malware attacks:

  1. Downloading virus software from a reputable vendor
  2. Use Android encryption feature which protects your personal data in the case of loss or theft, or download it as separate software in case it is not available natively.
  3. Read application review before you download any app, and look at the permission you give to each one.
  4. Only use secure Wi-Fi networks
  5. Don’t do jailbreaks for the device as it significantly increase security vulnerabilities
  6. Wipe all data and apps before you sell your phone

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