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Google Android 4.2, also Jelly Bean

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Although Google had canceled its event on Monday due to hurricane Sandy, the company announced their product any way on the internet via their blog.

Most of the product was expected, LG Nexus 4, new models for Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 tablet, but the most welcomed announcing is the new Android 4.2, which got also the name “Jeally Bean: like the previous version, but it brings some interesting features to the user:

Photo Sphere

Which is a new camera feature where users can now take 360 degree panoramic photos, Images can be stored as Jpeg files and all of the information required to view them is embedded as open XML metadata in the image itself.

Gesture typing

Android 4.1 had this feature for the keyboard before in the name of Swype, and now it is an embedded feature within the Android keyboard, where you can type by simply sweep your finger over the letter and the keyboard can predict the word you are typing, and even can predict the next word you want to type (like a feature that SwiftKey keyboard give), also they said that the keyboard has now better voice-to-text capabilities.

Tablet Sharing/ Multiple users

This feature is very useful for tablet users that share their device with multiple users, so users can keep their personal settings (Home screen, background, widgets, apps and app data, games etc.), and this feature does not require logging out or in to Switch between users.

Wireless display or Miracast support

This feature allows the user to stream movies and YouTube videos from his phone or tablet to an HDTV instantaneously, so user will see mirror images of his device on a bigger screen.


A new feature that allow users display information like photo albums and latest news from Google Currents when the device is idle or docked.

And there are different enhancements for old features, like notifications enhancement, Lock screen enhancement (support for widgets on the lock screen), Improved Google Now.


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