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iPad in losing it's market dominance to Android tablets

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Analysts is predicting that Android tablet will surpass Apple’s iPad market share in the next year, where Apple’s market share fell from 87% last year to 50.4% in this year third quarter.

Android tablet shipments have accelerated from Q1 to Q3 2012, while iPad shipments saw a sharp drop in Q3.



Analysts said that diversified price points would help expand the market for Android tablet and take share from the iPad, third quarter was an especially bad one for iPad sales given rumors of the upcoming iPad Mini and a drop in shipments due to the new iPads, iPad Mini is selling now at a price that will yield a lower profit margin than usual. But overtime, manufacturing costs for the new devices are expected to drop, bumping up those sagging profits margins.


And regarding Microsoft Windows 8 and RT tablets analysts said that they'll have a "negligible impact" on the tablet market.


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